Final Fantasy of Red Glory 'Ziva'

10 January 2014 - 5 October 2020
Cause of Death: Cancer

Dutch Champion
Swedish Champion
International CIE Champion
International CIB Champion
German VDH Champion
Dutch Youth Champion
German-VDH Youth Champion
Luxembourg Youth Champion
Belgium Youth Champion
Bundessieger '16
Clubwinner '16
Bundessieger '15
Herbstsieger '15
Ambiorix Jeugd Winner '15
BeneluxWinner NL'15
BeneluxJunior Winner NL'15
Youthwinster '14
Bundesjugendsieger '14
Herbstjugendsieger '14

SJP B-diploma
SJP C-diploma
WT B1-diploma
WT C-diploma
CDD C-diploma
JP/R - DRC Duitsland

Obedience B

Callname: Ziva
DOB: 10 January 2014
Father: DE-DRC CH Hunter's Moonlight Flying Bo 'Bo'
Mother: DE-VDH CH Alliance de la Vie Barkarole 'Caya' Bdssg '09, BE Youthwinner '08

: free by parents
 CEA: free by parents
CP1: free by parents
free by parents
JADD: free by parants
CLPS: Clear
: Clear, distichiasis

Size: 46 cm
Weight: 17 kg

Final Fantasy of Red Glory 'Ziva'
Hunter's Moonlight Flying Bo 'Bo'
Tollarbos Ducke Molleson
Agrosofens Sista Styvern
Tollarbos Okra de Lorenzo
Hunter's Moonlight Caylee vom Lech-Toller Nest
Lauvstuas Pele' Taikapoika
Huntrets Lech Tollers'Kiara
Alliance de la Vie Barkarole 'Caya'
Can Lux CH Hedera's Captain Jack 'Cody'
Fireheart Hopalong Casidy
Hedera's Mimosa Flower
Alliance de la Vie Picsou's Djingels 'Djingels'

Picsou Des Dlieuses
Alliance de la Vie Danish Amber

Show Results

Date Show Judge Class Result  
26-05-18 KCM Vereniging NSDTR   Gebruikshondenklasse 1U Res. Beste Teef Res. CAC
BIS gebruikshond
11-03-17 Crufts Birmingham   Special Working 3rd  
16-10-16 Bundessiegershow Dortmund P. Machetanz (DE) Workingclass 1Ex Bundessieger '16
08-10-16 Show Charleroi BE A. La Barbera (It) Workingclass 1Ex Res. BOS Res. CAC Res. CACIB
11-09-16 KCM Nieuwegein   Workingclass 1Ex BOS Workingdog
13-08-16 Askersund Sweden   Workingclass 1Ex BOB CK CAC CACIB
Swedish Champion
Int. CIE and Int. CIB CH
07-08-16 Tollarspecialen Sweden   Workingclass 4Ex  
04-06-16 Tilburg Dhr. J. Verrees (BE) Workingclass 1Ex BOB CAC CACIB
28-05-16 KCM Vereniging NSDTR Mw. de Cuyper - Boesmans Workingclass 1Ex BIS BOB CAC Clubwinner'16
BIS workingdog
01-05-16 BRC Belgium   Workingclass 1Ex BOB CAC BIS Workingdog
3rd BIS
01-05-16 BTC Belgium   Workingclass 1Ex BOS CAC
11-03-16 Crufts Birmingham Mevr. B. Smith Special Working 2nd  
17-10-15 Int. Show Dortmund   Workingclass 1Ex BOS CAC CACIB Herbstsieger'15
16-10-15 Bundessiegershow Dortmund   Workingclass 1Ex BOB CAC CACIB Bundessiegr'15
13-09-15 KCM Nieuwegein Mevr. L. Johansen (DK)  Workingclass 1Ex Best Workingdog in Show
26-07-15 Rotterdam Mevr. E. Winkelman Workingclass 1Ex BOB CAC CACIB
25-07-15 Rotterdam Mevr. D. Witkowska (PL) Workingclass 1Ex Res. Best Bitch Res. CAC CACIB
27-06-15 Genk BE Mrs. Bannach (DE) Youthclass 1Ex Best Youthdog
Belgium Youth Champion
Ambriorix Youth Winner'15
30-05-15 Tollerfestival NL Dhr. N. Bruchell (En) Workingclass 1Ex  
10-05-15 Europasiegershow Dortmund DE B. Sorensen (Dk) Intermediate 1Ex CAC
08-05-15 Int. Dortmund DE Dhr. Wiblishauser (D) Intermediate 1Ex CAC
03-05-15 BRC Show BE Dhr. F. Whyte (En) Youthclass 3Ex  
29-03-15 Luxembourg Dhr. vd Broeck (Be) Youthclass 1Ex Luxembourg Youth Champion
01-03-15 Martinidogshow Groningen Dhr. L. Hearn (Aus) Youthclass 1Ex JCAC BOS CAC
Benelux Winner NL'15
BeneluxJunior Winner NL'15
25-01-15 Moeskroen BE Mrs. Senashenko (Rus) Youthclass 1Ex JCAC
11-01-15 Genk BE Dhr. De Wilde Youthclass 1Ex JCAC Best Youthdog
14-12-14 Winner Amsterdam B. Matakovic (Cr) Youthclass 1Ex Res. Best Bitch Res. CAC JuniorWinster '14
12-12-14 Holland Cup Ámsterdam Mevr. K. Kunst- van Harten Youthclass 1Ex BOS JCAC CAC
Dutch Youth Champion
06-12-14 Kassel Mrs. Bannach (DE) Youthclass 1Ex BOB JCAC DE-VDH YouthCH
02-11-14 Bleiswijk Mevr. S. Yla-Mononen (FI) Youthclass 1Ex BOS JCAC CAC
01-11-14 Bleiswijk Mevr. E Rautala (FI) Youthclass 1Ex BOS JCAC CAC
19-10-14 Int. Show Dortmund Mr. Zsolt Lokodi (RO) Youthclass 1Ex JCAC Herbstjugendsieger'14
Best Youthdog
18-10-14 Bundessiegershow Mevr. S. Vuckovic (SR) Youthclass 1Ex JCAC Bundesjugendsieger'14
Best Youthdog Cruftskwalification
03-08-13 Tollerspecialt Zweden   Puppyclass No place  
21-06-13 Int. Show Uden Dhr. J. de Cuyper (B) Babyclass 1VP BOB Baby
15-06-13 Jachthondenshow CAC Mrs. T. Illukka (Fi) Babyclass 1VP Beste Babygirl
31-05-13 Tollerfestival   Babyclass 1VP Best in Show Baby
04-05-13 Belgium Retriever show   Babyclass 2VP  
04-05-13 BelgiumTollerclub show   Babyclass 4P  

SJP Hunting test
C-diploma max. 50 points and B-diploma max. 80 points

Date Test Result
23-09-2018 SJP Horst C-diploma 40 points
15-09-2018 SJP Rhenoy C-diploma 40 points
04-08-2018 SJP Tull en 't Waal -
23-09-2017 SJP Rhenoy B-diploma 62 points
17-09-2017 SJP Vessem B-diploma 58 points
09-09-2017 SJP Vught C-diploma 41 points
12-08-2017 SJP Delfzijl B-diploma 53 points
17-09-2016 SJP Vessem B-diploma 54 points
02-09-2016 SJP Oploo C-diploma 31 points
20-08-2016 SJP Driebergen-Rijssen -
26-09-2015 SJP Lauwersmeer C-diploma 36 points

C-diploma max. 50 points and B-diploma max. 80 points

Date Test Result
27-05-2018 Clubdiplomadag Heerle Golden Retriever Club C-diploma 44 punten
31-03-2018 Clubdiplomadag Putten Tollerclub C-diploma 45 points
29-10-2017 Clubdiplomadag Ewijk -
30-10-2016 Clubdiplomadag Ewijk C-diploma 44 points
30-04-2016 Clubdiplomadag Zeumeren C-diploma 42 points
25-10-2015 Clubdiplomadag Ewijk C-diploma 44 points
20-09-2015 Clubdiplomadag Schijndel Tollerclub C-diploma 47 points
21-03-2015 Clubdiplomadag Zeumeren LKN C-diploma 44 points
26-10-2014 Clubdiplomadag Ewijk No diploma


Date Test Result
20-11-2018 WT Valkenswaard Golden Retriever Club 59 points
20-11-2016 Autumnworkingtest Tollerclub - WT B1 B1-diploma 62 points
22-11-2015 Autumnworkingtest Tollerclub - WT C C-diploma 66 pnt
07-06-2015 WT Duitsland No diploma


Date Tollingtest Result
06-09-2016 Tolling Hunting Test Tollerspecialty Forsvik Sweden 0 Prize
23-03-2016 Tollingtest Beuningen NL NC
17-04-2016 Tollingtest Hasselt Belgian NC
16-08-2015 Tolling Hunting Test Summer Trophee Belgian NC

Other huntingtests

Date Test Result
14-03-2015 JP/R DRC Duitsland Managed with 211 pnt
Lente/zomer 2014 Puppycursus jachttraining Gorinchem Excellent


Level Test Date Result
OB1 Cynophilia Exam 15-10-2016 140 points, not managed
OB1 Cynophilia Exam 21-11-2015 Not managed
OBB Cynophilia Exam 18-04-2015 214 points Very Good
OBB Onderlinge wedstrijd HSV Tiel 23-11-2014 243 points Excellent 1st place
Puppycusus HSV Tiel juni 2014 Excellent